Care Instructions For Your Embroidered Design

Thank you for entrusting me to make your personalised item.  To maintain the best results, please adhere to these simple care instructions.


Underneath the design, you will find a stabiliser. There are different types of stabilisers that we use depending on the artwork and fabric used.

Tearaway Stabiliser – As the name suggests, these tearaway from the design and any bits left behind will come out during the first few washes.

Cutaway Stabiliser – These do not wash away.  Cutaway stabilisers are mainly used on fabrics that have some stretch in them (i.e. Clothing, etc) and they hold your design in place.  You will notice there are little tails of thread on the back of these designs.  Please do not trim them as they are the knots left behind from the machine and trimming them will cause your design to unravel.

Wash Away Stabiliser – You will find this mostly on towels and furry type materials.  They look and feel like gladwrap.  Please do not pick bits off as it will pull the fabric.  They usually wash away the first time you wash the item.


Please wash your item before its first use (unless advised otherwise).  As stated above, most stabilisers will wash out during this process.  Please wash on a gentle cool or warm cycle only.

For the first couple of washes, even on towels/blankets, it is a good idea to give your design a gentle press with an iron as it sets the stitches again, in case of item shrinkage.  Cover the design with a cotton tea towel (or similar) and press down with a warm iron (on dry setting, not steam).  Do not rub with the iron, apply gentle pressure for a few seconds, lift and repeat until you have covered the whole design.

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