Caring for your Christmas Stocking

With some simple care, your Christmas stocking will last for many years.

On receiving your stocking, and before you hang it, you need to:

  • Use a soft bristle brush and gently brush and spread the fur neatly to display the name. Do not use a comb as the comb will pluck the embroidery thread and cause loops and snaps in the thread.
  • The red plush will be creased from being packed. Place the stocking on an ironing board and place a clean tea towel over the stocking. Use the steam setting on your iron and gently lift and press onto the tea towel. Repeat until you have pressed the entirety of the stocking and the creases are gone. Please do not rub as if you are ironing and this will force the nap of the plush fabric to appear creased.

At the end of the holidays, we recommend that you brush the fur before packing away as flat as possible. Repeat the above steps when you get it out the following holiday season.

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