Community Groups


Are you a community group, sporting club, not for profit association or P&C for the local school?  At Zeus Embroidery, we understand that community groups are always looking for new and exciting ways to fundraise.

All purchases made with your groups logo will have at least 10% of the sale paid to the club.  We also waive the logo digitisation fee for community groups.

We take all the hard work away from your group by having:

  • Your approved designs as products on our website that you can provide links for people to order
  • The order, payment and delivery process is managed by Zeus Embroidery, leaving your volunteers to run the group.

If the club would prefer to purchase items for themselves to sell, we will work out a customised price for you based on the order quantity.

We can also offer a hybrid arrangement where we can process adhoc orders for your group members & supports as well as provide bulk orders to the group.

Contact us now to organise to setup your group with Zeus Embroidery.