Embroidery Services


Embroidery – Our pricing below are the standard prices for common items.  We are able to embroidery other items as well, but we would need to provide a quote as the price differs depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Logo digitation  – This is the process where we take your logo and convert into an embroidery file for our industrial embroidery machines to read.  This process must be done for each logo and each time a change in size occurs.  The file has each stitch programmed so the machine knows exactly how to stitch out your design.

We utilised contractors to assist us with our digitisation process so that we get a perfect design each time.

Deposit – A 50% deposit is needed for all personalised orders.

Discount Structure

The following discounts apply to the embroidery or sublimation charges only.  here an item is purchased, it is charged at its normal retail price.  Your invoice from us will reflect the discount on the embroidery lines but not the item lines.

NOTE: The website does not automatically work out discounts based on bulk buy.  Please contact us through our Request A Quote page to get an official quote through.